A recently formed committee gave D51 school board members an update on declining enrollment in local elementary schools. The update showed the committee’s plans for the future. Committee representatives Dr. Brian Hill, Paul Jebe, Dr. Danny Medved, and Callie Berkson explained their new way to approach problems and make sure each D51 elementary school has the proper tools and resources to try and boost enrollment.

Via live video demographer Shannon Bingham, the man who recommended closing East Middle School made an appearance and detailed his final draft of proposed boundaries for the Appleton area. Bingham’s proposal also featured a couple of alternate choices based on suggestions from parents, though bussing questions from board member Kari Sholtes may send that draft back to the drawing board. Transporting students can be an expensive endeavor, especially the further they have to travel. Dr. Sholtes worries that without that information it’s impossible to make the best decision. The rest of the board agreed and unanimously voted to postpone the vote.

Later the board held a special meeting to review new information which ended in another unanimous vote, this time in favor of the new boundary.