A device that scans for narcotics and illicit drug particulates is now being used at the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office tells us the device called a CODA Devices Drug Analysis System can offer a wide range of benefits to the sheriff’s office and other agencies.

The sheriff’s office also tells us the device can help speed up investigations and court trials by offering something called a “presumptive positive” which means the substance’s identity is confirmed to be illegal, but the purity and other measurements are still unknown.

Not only does this help law enforcement do their jobs more efficiently, but the device also protects officers from interacting with dangerous substances.

“With this CODA device we can just test the suspected narcotic already in the packaging so we don’t have to open up the packaging and subject the citizens, or any law enforcement, to that potentially deadly substance”, says Ben Halsey the Patrol Lieutenant for the MCSO.

The sheriff’s office tells us this is the only CODA device on the Western Slope that they’re aware of.