GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — After 46 years in Public Education, today was the last official day Diana Sirko, the current superintendent of District 51 spent on the job. While she’s set to retire, Dr. Brian Hill will mark his first day of work as the next superintendent of District 51 schools – tomorrow.

Dr. Hill spoke with our Khira Isaacs about his goals for the upcoming school year and the determination he brings to his new position.

“Originally from Austin, Texas. Was as a teacher, principal, super vice principal in Austin and also worked for the superintendent there,” says Dr. Hill.

Mesa County Valley School District 51’s Board of Education selected Dr. Brian Hill as our new superintendent based on his outstanding qualifications. Hill served as assistant superintendent since Jully of 2019, which means he’s very familiar with our area, our schools, and the challenges they face.

“We have close to 22 thousand students in the district, over 3 thousand employees. So my job really is to figure out how i can best support all the individuals who interact with the school district and also work with our great team that we have at central office,” continues Dr. Hill.

The Mesa Valley Education Association President Tim Couch says “The association supports Hill as superintendent. We’re really happy that Dr. Hill has a contract…and we know who we’ll be working with in the future. It’s always really important for us as educators to know who’s going to be leading our district.

“We have clear benchmarks and goals that we want to hit after year one, two and three. and that’s split up into three areas. focus on prepared and support students. prepared and support staff and also having engaged and supportive community partners,” states Dr. Hill.

A visionary, leader who values transparency. That’s the description some would use to define an ideal superintendent. An inspirational leader who is accountable and decides what is best for students. It’s safe to say Hill embodies those qualities.

“Our hope is to be able to report out progress on those strategic plan goals throughout the years, through our website and through our boards meetings and anytime we are engaging with the public. so we want to be really transparent and accountable to the work we are doing,” says Dr. Hill.

Hill says looks forward to his role.

“I’m actually finishing up my third year as the assistant superintendent here in D51 and excited about the new steps as a superintendent,” continues Dr. Hill.

With the school year set to start in August, students will face all new benchmarks but also a new superintendent determined to make sure students reach or even exceed those goals.