GRAND JUNCTION, Colo- As the election for District 51 School Board draws closer a new candidate announces his campaign for District D. Nick Allan is running on the platform every kid, every day.

Allan says he hopes to serve the district with a goal of supplying superior educational opportunities to every student, every day.

He believes his past experience as a District 51 teacher will give him the upper hand in the electio, but that’s not the only involvement he’s had in the county.

Nick Allan, School Board District D Candidate, SOT
“Being out and going to the community has always been a big aspect for me,” Nick Allan School Board candidate said. “There are concerns with outside funding and making it very political, it’s not political and that’s something I really want to drive home. This is about the kids and not about politics and how we can make the best education out here.”

If elected, Nick Allan wants to institute town hall meetings.

Allan says having a strong form of communication between students, parents, the community, and the district is the best opportunity for achieving success.

Claiming his opponent is one of a slate of candidates backed by outside groups, Allan says he believes the focus should be on the community’s needs and providing a strong public education for every student.
“People have ideas and they want to hear answers, and they deserve those answers so going out in the community, having these town halls either with myself or other board members is going to be huge to get the community all in sync together and bring the needs of the classroom directly to the district,” Allan said.

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