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Melrose Hotel Recognized for 100 Years of Business

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Imagine failing at something 80% of the time within 18 months.  According to Bloomberg, that’s the reality for entrepreneurs who start their own business.  While the Grand Valley has seen many businesses come and go, a few have stuck around for a long time…a century to be exact. 
“People come through and are looking for a place like this, that’s not the traditional hotel,” says Joya DePasquale, owner of the Melrose Hotel in Grand Junction.  
DePasquale purchased it 20 years ago, and found out the rich history of it.  The property was built in 1908.  It has changed owners a few times, but they have all kept the Victorian feel of the property.  
“Heard stories about spirits and ghosts.  Heard where people from other countries came as either a stopping place and then went off to the either the farms or to the mining companies,” says DePasquale.  “Heard it was a house of ill repute at one time, and that there is a tunnel under here that goes to the big hotel where all the action was happening but I haven’t found the tunnel.”
She credits the longevity to all the owners who had a passion in the place.  “I think the owners took great care, and knew what they were doing,” says DePasquale.
DePasquale says she will continue to invest in improving the building, and hopes it will remain around for another 100 years.  

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