He’s Chicago born but artist Gerald Fritzler considers himself not a transplant but a native Coloradan. He’s been creating art for decades. Between traveling the world painting still lifes and landscapes and working as a professional illustrator, Gerald has had plenty of time to perfect his breathtaking watercolors. The unique use of different hues has been a major inspiration in Fritzler’s impressionist art and makes it stand out, but his exhibition represents more than just one style.

One Thanksgiving late in his career Gerald spontaneously stumbled into a whole new genre. One that seems entirely separate from what he had known for nearly half a century. But upon closer inspection, the two forms share more than meets the eye. Color is the all-important tie that binds the two generations of Geralds to work together, although they do still have their differences. Gerald tells me the abstract works give him a level of freedom traditional watercolors did not afford him. A freedom he compares to music.

The music moves Gerald to paint with his emotion, the colors of the songs entwining themselves with the colors of his brush. A phenomenon Gerald compared to a quote from a Miles Davis film.

“He told his band, he says, yeah just go ahead and play. just let it go. and I’ll just kick in with my trumpet.”

Gerald Fritzler, artist

Expressing his painting with poetry and music, Fritzler’s work evokes waves of emotion sure to spirit anyone away on a multi-hued journey of revelation and introspection.