Mesa County Clerk & Recorder to appeal court ruling banning the supervision of elections

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Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters is back in the office, but the controversy surrounding her claims of election fraud never left. “Something that I’m sorry ever happened in our county,” said Linda Spencer, a Mesa County citizen who just cast her ballot at the Elections Division.

In spite of ongoing investigations into the matter, citizens keep voting, and Peters is still working. Mesa County Commissioner, Cody Davis says, “She’s still the clerk and recorder. So, she’s over motor vehicles, she’s over recording. there’s several other duties she does and maintaining down there at the clerk and recorder’s office.”

Now, a Colorado judge has ruled Peters can’t oversee elections ordinarily one of her top duties. “Really, nothing is going to change from this ruling because Wayne Williams is already the designated election official. So, this just confirms what has already taken place,” said Commissioner Davis.

At the steps of the old Mesa County Courthouse on Monday, Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, made an emergence and held a press conference surrounded by her supporters making more claims of election fraud for the 2020 general election, and talked about the Secretary of State’s Office combing through her office behind closed doors. The press conference became a protest where tensions were high ending with one person injured. At the same time, county commissioners were inside the building holding their county budget meeting. Then on Wednesday, Mesa County Judge, Valerie Robison ruled in favor of removing Peters as the designated election official, but will she appeal the decision? “Absolutely, she can appeal it, and we expect her to appeal it to the Supreme Court,” said Davis.

Clerk Peters, Attorney General Phil Weiser, and Secretary of State Jena Griswold did not comment, but the voters did. Roland Reynolds outside the Elections Division cast his ballot and after says, “I’m not against her appealing, but I think she’s incompetent. So, I don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere, and I don’t think she should run the election.” “I think that the Judge, Valerie Robison, made the right decision,” said Spencer.

The ruling has been made, an appeal might happen, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that your vote counts, and Commissioner Davis says there will be a hand count in addition to electronic tabulation with both Dominion Voting Systems and their competitor, Clear Ballot. Commissioner Davis says, “We think this is going to be the most trusted, transparent election the state of Colorado has ever seen with all the additional forms of verification we’ve put in place.”

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