Mesa County Commissioner Election Race for District 1: Largest in County

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You probably know the candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2020 election in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district; Democratic nominee, Daine Mitsch Bush, and Republican nominee, Lauren Boebert. But, do you know the local woman running for County Commissioner District 1 who wants to bring change to your county? Well, you will now. “Hi, I’m Dr. Kathryn Bedell, and I’m running for Mesa County Commissioner from District 1,” said Bedell.

The incumbent County Commissioner for District, John Justman, was a farmer for 41 years before being elected, and has been the voice for agriculture ever since. Now, a new person is running for the four year seat that’s also from the realm of agriculture for the last 16 years. Kathryn says, “I’m a veterinarian, a rancher, a small business owner, and a mom.”

Her goal if she’s elected: to continue to be the voice of tradition. “I think we’re losing our voice as John Justman steps off the commission, and so, I want to make sure that agriculture continues to be able to have their input in the direction the county’s going to take,” said Bedell.

Bedell also says the pandemic has put agriculture on top of the priority list, and it’s important Ag stays economically viable here, and not over there (front range). “We grow all the raw products here, but mostly the raw products go to the front range, and the manufacturing happens there, and the jobs are there, and the wealth is there. we can bring that all home,” said Bedell.

Commissioner Justman says crop commodity prices are down, but Kathryn has her eyes set on one commodity that’s stayed strong, and she’s not alone. Justman says, “The largest single agricultural commodity we have is beef cattle.” Bedell says, “We could have our own label, and our own brand of meat.” “That’s 50% of the Ag dollars in Mesa County come from that industry,” says Commissioner Justman.

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