Mesa County Commissioner Election Race for District 3

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You might know this woman who was a Mesa County Commissioner for two terms from 2005 to 2013, but if you don’t, you will now. Janet says, “Hi, i’m Janet Rowland candidate for county commissioner.”

You may have to live in District 3 to be a District 3 county commissioner, which is comprised of: Orchard Mesa, Clifton, Palisade, White Water, Collbran, Mesa, and Fruitvale; but a commissioner serves the entire county. Rowland says, “We’re elected at large. so, everyone in the county gets to vote on us regardless of where they live.”

The incumbent County Commissioner for District 3, Rose Pugliese says the key to success is simple. “Set your goals, and your expectations for your campaign, and then deliver on those goals,” said Rose. and Janet’s first goal is focusing on something hitting Mesa County hard, what she says is a lack in mental health care. “My first priority will be to set up a mental health roundtable,” said Rowland.

The county’s not responsible for funding mental health services, but that’s not stopping Rowland. Rowland says, “We are required to fund programs and services that are a direct result of a lack of access to mental health.” She says this includes programs for child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, and crime. Keeping the public safe is important and so is keeping the community employed. Because of the commissioners of Mesa County, we’ve been more opened than not compared to the rest of the state during the pandemic. Commissioner Pugliese says, “We were the second county in the state to be able to reopen. We are still one of the most open counties because of the variance processes we’ve been through.”

Rowland reflects on the county tax revenue during these tough times. “I’m less concerned about the county budget and more concerned about the family budget, and we have a lot of families here who literally live paycheck to paycheck,” said Rowland.

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