It’s been nearly a month since the last major shooting competition at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. General Manager of the complex, Walt Proulx said to KREX in an interview in 2018 when the complex first broke ground, “I envision this becoming the preeminent shooting and education complex in the world.”

But, because of an affidavit in compliance with Colorado law CPW made competitors sign to enter the contest, the competitors won’t be back this fall, and with them the economic boost to the community. Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis for District 2 says, “We’re not talking 1 or 2 events. We’re talking about a couple hundred events over the next 2 or 3 years.”

Mesa County commissioners say the law is poorly written and the move is unconstitutional. So, they sent Governor Polis a letter asking him to find the middle ground. “What the commissioners really want to see is make sure we have a correct interpretation of the law, and see if there’s a way we can work with all the parties to allow these events to continue with the kind of weapons the event is based on,” said McInnis.

The objection states the affidavit violates the 5th amendment, violates the equal protection clause, and is an over-reaction to Sheriff Rowell’s letter to the Cameo manager back in April. The letter states the magazine limit law passed in 2013 sponsored by State Senator Rhonda Fields is difficult to enforce and the sheriff’s office would not seek out law abiding citizens to see if their magazines meet the statute. A statement backed by the district attorney, but not State Senator Fields.

Fields is part of a gun reform group called, Colorado Ceasefire who have fired back with a response to the commissioner’s letter. A representative of the group says county commissioners are putting local economies over people’s lives. Commissioner McInnis says, “This intent wasn’t focused on shooting ranges like Cameo shooting ranges. It was focused on an entirely different thing. So, Senator Fields, or Representative Fields, her focus is not that. Her focus is another step is reducing the rights under the 2nd amendment.”

A Colorado Ceasefire member told KREX it would be disturbing if the governor took steps that were directly opposed to the will of the legislature. McInnis fires back. “They didn’t pop up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, or a month ago, and decided, “Hey, here’s an opportunity to throw a cheap shot.”

A CPW spokesperson says they’ve seen the commissioner’s letter to the governor and expect the Polis administration to respond on behalf of the state.