GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, has released a statement over the elections controversy surrounding county clerk Tina Peters.

The 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office have been engaged in parallel investigations with federal authorities related to the events that formed the basis of the Grand Jury indictment. We have now concluded our core investigation which has resulted in the filing of state charges for the events that occurred in Mesa County. Belinda Knisley has accepted a plea agreement, which involves a cooperation agreement to testify against Tina Peters, Sandra Brown, and any other co-defendants. We have asked the United States Attorney’s Office to continue its investigation into all potential perpetrators of federal crimes related to the events in Mesa County.

Attorney General Weiser and I are very aware of the need for this community to move the remaining cases through the court system. We now have the ability to press for the earliest possible trial dates, and will ask the court, at the next appearance on September 7, 2022 to set Ms. Peters’ case for trial.

Dan Rubinstein

District Attorney