Mesa County Landfill’s newest program invites residents to recycle mattresses

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- It’s a new chapter at the Mesa County Landfill where things get greener. After two years of tracking mattress intake, Mesa County Landfill officially has a way for visitors to recycle mattresses.

On top of launching a recycling guide, the new program helps the landfill be a better resource for proper disposal. The latest program invites residents to send old mattresses to be recycled, instead of dumped.

In the program’s first two days, regular visitors of the landfill are partaking in the option for a bigger reason.

“People care about environment here, we have a lot of areas to play in,” Joseph Martinez shares, “We don’t wanna just keep moving from spot spot to spot, filling landfill after landfill.”

Like tires and appliances, mattresses are getting a recycling diversion of its own.

“During a regular trip to the Mesa County Landfill people drop off mattresses they didn’t want in any space that they could find a free spot,” Cora Dickey reports, “While the process doesn’t happen here, Mesa County landfill brought a trailer to go to Commerce City so that mattresses and box springs they get can get recycled properly.”

Having mattresses and box springs recycled on a regular basis help machines handling the trash last longer. Team members onsite will do all they can to keep the landfill going but a helping hand is needed from visitors.

“Not anything too crazy, but if they could stack their mattresses on top of other mattresses that are similar in size,” Jennifer Richardson requests, “We will be able to pick up those mattresses with a piece of equipment and then load them onto the box trailer.”

Mesa County Landfill expects at least 50 mattresses daily, if not a week, and the trailer to be sent for recycling twice a week.

This does not mean these items are banned from the landfill. Mattresses that are soiled or contaminated with bedbugs cannot be recycled and will need to be disposed of in the landfill.

Recycled mattresses and box springs will go to nonprofit, Spring Back Colorado. If you have any of these items at arrival, you’ll be directed to the designated box trailer when you check in.

Mesa County Landfill has the following hours of operation:


Tipping fees for mattresses and box springs are 10 dollars.

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