Mesa County Library’s 970West Studio Opens Its Doors

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Mesa County Library’s estimated $1.35 million project, the 970West Studio, is finally finished, and this Wednesday it opened it’s doors to the general public for an exclusive sneak peek. 
The new studio is located just north of the Central library, on the corner of Fifth street and Ouray ave.
It’ll provide customers with access to top of the line equipment, from cameras and microphones, to green screens and a live recording studio, library officials say the possibilities are endless. 
Officials expect that those interested in this facility will use it, to document everything from family home video’s, to digitally preserving artwork and photographs.
For those that are uncertain of how to use any of the equipment or just want to brush up on their skills, the library will offer a variety of classes in topics related to the studio and digital arts.
“It’s basically a creative playground for people that want to create things. I mean that’s it, we want to help you in whatever medium, whatever you want to create we don’t discriminate,” Mesa County Library’s director, Joseph Sanchez said.
Now because it will take some time to install and test all of the studio equipment, 970West studio won’t be available for public use until sometime next month.
If you are interested in using the studio, there is no charge, but you will need to submit a request to Mesa County Libraries at 970-243-4442.

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