Mesa County Participates In National Manufacturing Month

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Close to 100 manufacturing companies in Mesa County participated in the 8th Annual National Manufacturing Month, a worldwide event highlighting the value of manufacturing to the U.S. economy.

“The opportunity to have a consistent message for 30 days versus one day helps get to the overall goal of showing how important manufacturing is,” said Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce President Diane Schwenke.

Local manufacturers across the Western Slope, including Reynolds Polymer Technology, hosted open houses and a recruitment career fair to showcase some of the opportunities within the companies.

“We did this and it was a phenomenal affect, brought a lot of people into our environment, so they could see what we do, who we are and how we do, that helps change in the environment,” said Reynolds Polymer Technology Global Director of Quality and Safety Paul Kobishop:

The company says the manufacturing arena is so important to Mesa County because it technologically advances the community, while bringing more revenue to the area. “To get people to recognize that this stuff has to come back into our world, into our states, we have to start managing and handling our own production,” said Kobishop.

Manufacturing companies employ about 5% of the total workforce in Mesa County. “Manufacturers because they are primary employers have a significant impact beyond just how many people they employ,” said Schwenke.

The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce says the manufacturing industry also helps add diversity to the community and now programs have been introduced to local schools to inform young people about the industry. “Showing them what these careers look like and that it is not the boring assembly line job that i think a lot of people still have the perception of,” said Schwenke.

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