Mesa County ramps up COVID-19 testing, hopes to test 1,500 in May

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — Mesa County has 53 positive COVID-19 cases. That number hasn’t gone up at all in a few days and represents 3% of the total tested. About 2,000 people have been tested so far in Mesa County, and of those 53 positive tests, 48 patients have recovered.

More positive news, Mesa County Public Health plans to do a lot more testing in the next few weeks. For the month of May, they’re hoping to test 1,500 people. Which is more than double the number of tests– than what Mesa County has conducted so far.

According to MCPH, this push in testing is an indication that testing guidelines have loosened up, and we MCPH is encouraging anyone with symptoms, to get tested.

Also on Wednesday’s agenda, the new federal guidelines for all nursing homes to conduct COVID-19 tests on both residents and staff, and to quarantine new residents.

“I know everyone is very nervous about long term care facilities, but that 14-day quarantine– requires full protection equipment.” – Chris Thomas, Community Hospital

The concern is– there enough personal protective equipment to go around?

“What we are worried about is if we do see a surge in the hospitals, we will not be able to move patients from the hospitals to the long term care facilities.” – Chris Thomas, Community Hospital

But Mesa County is coming up with ways to make that equipment last, like doubling up on tasks so one person walks in for two purposed rather than one.

For more information regarding Mesa County’s increase in testing, click here.

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