Mesa County recognizes National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

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MESA COUNTY, Colo – Having an outdoor lifestyle, Mesa County becomes mosquito country with hot weather. While people move more towards the shade during heat waves, experts recommend to limit the time outside altogether.

“We’re all doing the same thing; we like to be out when it’s a little cooler on the patio or on the porch in the evening,” Tim Moore expresses, “That’s another reason to make sure that you’re protecting yourself from mosquito bites because they’re also out in about that time in more of a peak than they are during the day.”

Come summertime, 28 different mosquitoes fly throughout our area but Tim Moore and his team are on top of the pest control.

“To help monitor this insect population, the Grand River Mosquito Control District put out 82 of these traps every week but there’s more that people like you and me can do to protect ourselves from the mosquitoes than just put on bug spray,” Cora Dickey informs.

Mosquitoes bites don’t just suck blood, they also carry diseases including the West Nile virus. However, there are multiple approaches in keeping these insects away and yourself healthy.

“Drain standing water around your property, dress appropriately, so long sleeves, loose-fitting clothes and then defend your house, and your property,” Tim Moore suggests, “Check your window screens to make sure that they’re tight no mosquitoes can get in at night if you happen to have your windows open at night.”

Repellents with at least 10 percent of DEET or other related products are the most effective.

If you have a mosquito problem at your home, the Grand River Mosquito Control District can be reached at 970-257-0191.

Ways you can eliminate standing water at your property include:

  • Get rid of old tires, drill holes in bottom of tire swings
  • Empty, turnover, or get rid of anything that can hold water like buckets, toys, and tarps
  • Clear clogged rain gutters
  • Fill holes with sand or dirt
  • Fix leaky outdoor faucets
  • Empty bird baths or change water weekly
  • Request GRMCD to inspect irrigation system
  • Fix leaky sprinklers
  • Treat rain barrels for mosquitoes; seal openings

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