More Americans are seeing larger pay checks than at any other point in the last 18 years and in Mesa County, Mesa County is seeing $780 more in their 2017 paycheck than in the previous year.

Mesa County is seeing more new jobs as well– 1,607 in 2017 according to the Colorado Department of Labor. 

One of the strongest industries has been manufacturing, adding workers and companies. 

“Anytime we can get manufacturing industries here in the Valley creating stuff here locally and shipping it will help our local economy and has.” Curtis Englehart, Director at the Mesa County Workforce Center.

One of those companies is Phoenix Haus, a manufacturer who creates energy efficient single-family homes.

“We actually make the roof and wall assemblies right here in Grand Junction, prefabricated ahead of time, they get erected on sight.” Bill McDonald, the Founder of Phoenix Haus, “We decided to land in Grand Junction because of the opportunity for both commercial real estate and the labor market here.”

The company, moved here under the Jump Start Program will hire eight employees by year end, but has plans to grow larger after that.

Mesa County’s manufacturing industry is projected to grow 7.3% through 2022, growing to an estimated 3,168 jobs– an additional 215. That projection beats the national average of 0.9%.

“It’s definitely growing.” Englehart said.

Englehart says that there will be a growing need for manufacturers entering the workforce as 27.7% of the current workforce is made of workers 55 and older who are due to retire in the next 10 years or so.