GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is looking for compassionate volunteers to provide comfort to victims of crime and traumatic incidents.

These volunteers are trained by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and respond to emergency scenes as needed to offer support and solace immediately following a crime or other traumatic event.

Applications for the next victim advocate volunteer training academy are being accepted now. Training classes start February 28, 2023.

When someone is the victim of a crime or some other kind of trauma resulting in a law enforcement response, it’s confusing and disorienting. These victims often feel like the world has been pulled out from under them.

The deputies who respond to the scene may be the most empathetic people in the world, but they have several duties on their plate at the scene of a crime. We need victim advocates who will show up and have the victim as their main focus.

Tracy Baker, Victim Services Coordinator

According to Baker, victim advocates work in the immediate aftermath of an incident and are equipped with the knowledge to direct victims to appropriate support agencies in the community to assist with their trauma.

For more information on how to apply, call Tracy Baker at 970-244-3275

If you’re interested in helping make a difference in your community, apply today!