MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — The Community Health Needs Assessment monitors what Mesa County needs to be a better place. Mesa County Public Health collects data on how people live, work, learn and play every three years and highlights the major issues.

Mesa County Public Health Data Analyst Shae Lynn Watt says you must understand a problem to solve it.

“While we are happy and excited to be the backbone of that process, what we’re hoping to do is really facilitate the community voice in recognizing how to move forward,” Mesa County Data Analyst Shae Lynn Watt expresses.

The assessment hones in on top issues that need to be improved including providing internships and practical experience for students and making quality child care more affordable.

“Along with identifying needs in our community, it also shows our progress,” Mesa County Public Health Communication Coordinator Stefany Busch affirms.

Kids of the Kingdom Preschool has been an operating day care since 1983 and has seen more day care centers shut down in the last two years. Aside from better wages, what Director Margaret Lawton thinks will help fill the lack of daycare in the valley and help more childcare centers stay open is to get rid of contradictory regulations.

“A lot of people have no clue what they all are,” Kids of the Kingdom Preschool Margaret Lawton shares, “It just feels like it becomes even harder to keep up with the cost.”

The assessment isn’t just to assess what’s going on, Mesa County Public Health will also use the plan to make changes for the better.

“We are in the process of recording a community resource that offers to address economic stability and mental health needs in a one-stop shop,” Watt reveals.

The entire assessment and the condensed snapshot on Mesa County Public Health’s website right now.