MESA COUNTY, Colo. — The November 3rd election is 33 days away, and the concerns from President Trump regarding mail-in-voting continues. President Trump worries this way of voting will increase voter fraud. However, since 2013 Colorado has successfully used mail-in-ballots, and to make sure the method runs smoothly for this year’s election, today, the Mesa County Elections Team performed a “Public Logic and Accuracy” Test.

This morning both a local Republican and Democrat filled out test ballots at the Office of the Clerk and Recorder in Grand Junction. The county prepared a test deck with every ballot style and precinct possible for this election. These ballots are used only for the Logic and Accuracy test, and they will not be counted as a vote during the November 3rd General Election.

The test ballots run through scanning and tabulation equipment to make sure the equipment correctly calculates the results. And after today, the voting equipment will be reset.

The Mesa County Election Team wants the community to see this process, so any public worry about voting next month can be settled. Tina Peters, Mesa County clerk and recorder, says, “it’s interesting during this election that everyone is concerned. So, we want to be able to answer any questions anyone has and make sure they are confident their vote will be counted.”

Mesa County also purchased a ballot printing system that prints live ballots directly at the polling site. This machine will decrease paper waste, and it will also increase voter safety.