Mesa County voters will have to consider increasing the marijuana retail sales tax by 5% in November

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Colorado continues to set records for revenue collected from marijuana sales.

The state generated over $11 billion dollars to date in August of 2021, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

The numbers speak for themselves, a billion-dollar industry that continues to drive the state’s economy and could help out the educational system in Mesa County through Proposition 119.

Josh Penry, a supporter of Prop 119, says, “increase in the tax on recreational marijuana to fund out of school learning activities, tutoring in core and instructional areas like reading, writing, and math.”

Penry who supports Prop 119 says it will help families who don’t have adequate resources for their kids when school isn’t in session.

Penry also says, “part of the goal with this is to close that gap, get families you know that maybe don’t have the resources to get their son or daughter the extra help in these critical areas.”

Norma Anderson, a former legislator who opposes Prop 119, says, “the first that I noticed when I picked it up is you’re having unelected people control tax dollars, pardon me, we’ve never done that before.”

Those with similar opposing viewpoints say the funds wouldn’t be spent properly.

Judy Solano, a retired teacher who also opposes Prop 119, says, “this is unconstitutional because it’s using state land trust monies to go into this new independent agency and they can use that to contract with private education providers.”

It will all be up to voters in November.

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