GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Mesa County is well known for its deserts, colorful canyons, and agricultural heritage.

Like much of the state, the Western Slope has seen unprecedented growth, county officials are now looking to the community to participate in a survey.

Mesa County is currently guided by the 1996 land-use plan. In the past 25 years, the county has gone through many changes. Including an influx of new residents, shifts within the energy industry, the expansion of economic and business development, and development pressures on agricultural lands.

New ideas on improving water issues on Western Slope

It is now time to create a new plan that reflects the future of Mesa County, “Well it really about the sustainable future of the county, we are seeing the growth that we haven’t seen before in the county, it’s not based on natural resources extraction it’s based on people that just want to come here and live and work and play,” Greg Moverg, Community Development Director says, “We really just need to know how the community feels about what’s happening with that growth and where that growth should be directed.”

Population is growing… housing numbers aren’t

Mesa together as the name suggests, will be created for Mesa County in the vision of those who live here. The plan will create the framework to allow for development to occur with what is desired by the community.

For more information on the survey visit here.