Mesa County’s Free To Choose Resolution lifts many COVID restrictions

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Mesa County meets a new phase of the pandemic: the Free to Choose Resolution. With the COVID dial gone, all COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Walking around unmasked is a new transition to a previous normal, with some guards still up. Mesa County Public Health officials recommend one thing as this new phase continues.

“My advice is to always have your mask with you;” Jeff Kuhr suggests, “that way, you’re gonna have not only the freedom to choose, but the freedom to enter any facility with the various circumstances they’ll be faced with.

As public streets become mask-free, privately-owned businesses are mask-friendly.

“Free To Choose” gives certain restaurants and stores the right to keep or release restrictions to any extent. Heirlooms for Hospice, a store in downtown Grand Junction, feels confident letting shoppers express a maskless freedom.

“Safety is our motto so we are maintaining twenty-percent capacity which allows us 35 shoppers at any given time,” Briana Madison informs, “We are hourly sanitizing our hands as well as any heavily trafficked areas, and we do have masks available for customers for free, if they want to take one but if they’d rather shop without them, that’s okay because we feel we are maintaining safe precautions in store.”

April 16 marks day one of the resolution. People are understanding a business’ freedom to choose as well as their own.

“I understand that people have to do what they think is in their parameter of being safe and I’m okay with that,” Kurt Laubhan expresses, “Wearing a mask is not that discomforting, per se. But do I think we need to wear one? Absolutely not.”

While people are free to choose not wearing a mask, the public is asked to respect buildings and businesses that need them to wear one when requested.

Remember that only private businesses are no longer mandated to follow state COVID orders. Federal and state agencies along with businesses in the 5-star program have to implement safety precautions.

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