Mesa County’s Logic and Accuracy Test is Complete and Successful

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Mesa County’s new election equipment was publicly tested Tuesday, October 5, 2021, by a bipartisan test board and passed with flying colors.

Test ballots were scanned and tabulated by the Logic and Accuracy Testing Board. One
test deck supplied by the county covered every combination and configuration a voter
might vote for. Then each political party representative filled out a test deck for a total of
three decks. The decks were tallied and tabulated. Totals were verified, audit marks and
adjudication logs were reviewed.

Every test ballot in each of the three test decks was scanned and tabulated with 100%

In addition to the two representatives of the major political parties, other participants at
the public test was Designated Election Official Wayne Williams, Elections Supervisor
Sheila Reiner, Elections Director Brandi Bantz, and Elections staff, with interested
citizens observing.

“Testing to ensure that Mesa County’s new machines are 100% accurate was absolutely
critical to preparing for a successful 2021 Coordinated Election,” said Wayne Williams,
Mesa County Designated Election Official. “We are mailing ballots on Friday to more than
106,000 Mesa County residents, and we want them to know their ballots will be counted
and counted accurately.”

“This process is always enjoyable because it is a huge milestone for the Elections staff as
they have worked so hard to prepare for this election,” said Sheila Reiner, Mesa County
Treasurer, and Elections Supervisor. “Now they can rest assured the tabulation system is
ready and will focus on some logistics and training before the Voter Service and Polling
Centers open on October 25.”

Have questions or need assistance? Please visit Mesa County Elections for additional
voter registration and election information, or contact Mesa County Elections by phone at

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