GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Senator Michael Bennet held a town hall at Coloroado Mesa University on the heels of leaving democratic presidential race.

It was an opportunity for Grand Junction residents to ask the Colorado senator about issues that matter to them.

Environment, health care, and political division were the major themes of questions asked. After the event, Bennet reflected on the issues voters asked him about.

“Healthcare, climate, the economy,” said Bennet.”But how are we actually going to do anything?We can’t even pass a basic infrastructure bill because of how broken the Congress is. “

A solution Bennett presented to voters who asked about the environment in Colorado was his Colorado Outdoor Recreation Economy or (CORE) act. This bill would protect more than 400,000 acres of public land across Colorado, and create 73,000 acres of new protected wilderness. Bennet feels this bill could be popular across party lines in Colorado.

“It was not written in Washington D.C.,” said Bennet. “I think that’s why it has such big support across the West Slope in Colorado.”

Beverly Hart voiced her concerns to Bennet about the Department of Justice under the Trump administration. She also supports Bennet’s stance on the environment.

“I asked him about what’s going on at the D.O.J. because I have huge concerns about that,” Hart said.”I was glad to see there were other questions that were environmental. Because that’s another issue that’s important to me.”

Bennet was also vocal about his differing on policy with Senator Bernie Sanders, especially when it came to healthcare. But, he tells us he’s not endorsing any candidate in the democratic field yet.

“I’m going to take my time,” said Bennet. “I’m going to figure out who is going to be the best leader for the country.”