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Diana Taylor is the first representative of a presidential candidate to visit the Western Slope to meet and greet Coloradans and help her domestic partner, Mike Bloomberg, win the Centennial State.

When asked how Bloomberg is going to win Colorado, Diana Taylor says, “Sheer hard work, and getting out there and talking to people about the issues that are important to them, and showing them what Michael has done, and how he can do the same for them here.”

Taylor is campaigning for Bloomberg who proposes to improve retiree’s lives, strengthen social security, and ensure seniors get better healthcare and housing.

The Western Slope is faced with these issues which may make this meet and greet more of a question and answer for Western Slope problems and proposed solutions. “The issues we’ve seen on the Western Slope that people are concerned about are issues that Michael has been working on for decades. They include climate, water, air, healthcare. Access to good, affordable healthcare, education, and economic development and opportunity. Those are things he’s working on that he made a huge difference in New York City with and that he could make a big difference here with too”, says Taylor.

Council member Chuck McDaniel was at the meet and greet and would like a solution to a major problem he says is facing Western Slope citizens, and all Coloradans. “He will do a good job with Healthcare which is one of the most significant issues in Colorado, particularly Western Colorado where our Healthcare prices are so high”, says McDaniel.

Diana proposes the solution to the high healthcare dilemma for Colorado by saying, “Michael has a plan for drugs. A plan for accessible and affordable healthcare. Improving on the Affordable Care Act. Putting in place a Public Option which will compete with the private insurance companies, and he’s not taking anybody’s insurance away from them. We have 150 million people in this country who have private insurance, who are very satisfied with it. We need to make sure that everybody else who is not insured, gets insurance.”

Although, McDaniel is actually a supporter of Joe Biden, he’s says Bloomberg is a viable candidate. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm for Mike Bloomberg right now, and I think that’s good for all of us”, says McDaniel.

Finally, Diana Taylor says there are two reasons making Mike Bloomberg the ideal candidate to be the next President. “He is the best person to be the President of the United States. He is concerned about all the things we’re all concerned about which are climate, access to affordable health care, education, economic opportunity, and he has actually been working on all of those issues with great results. And, the other reason is that he is the one person that can beat Donald Trump.”

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