Minimum Wage Bill

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Minimum wage is still a hot topic in Colorado. A new bill sitting on Governor Polis’s desk would allow local cities and towns to raise the minimum wage for their areas. Small businesses across the Western Slope would be affected if Grand Junction and surrounding communities passed a minimum wage hike.

Bob Schrader, owner of Jimmy’z Hamburgers, says, “It affects our customers the most because our customers would absorb the eventual price increase because you would have to raise your prices to cover this new expense.”

We spoke to several smaill business owners in and around Grand Junction. What’s the prevailing opinion? A minimum wage hike would be tough to swallow for these business owners.

Schrader comments, “Anytime wages go up, it’s not just wages that go up. There’s a certain amount of tax matching on a percentage basis that I have to do on the amount of wages that I pay.”

And, business owners will pay a lot for a lot less.

Right at Home co-owner, Meshelle Mckendry, says, “The higher the minimum wage has gone, the harder it is recruiting caregivers to our business. And, they work fewer hours.”

We went to small businesses in Grand Junction to see if increasing minimum wage is a good idea or a bad one.

Mckendry comments, “For those who work really hard and need to be advanced and bonused, it really limits our ability to reward those who are so diligent.”

So, if minimum wage goes up, will prices go up?

Schrader says, “Oh, absolutely! It’s unfortunate and you do everything you can but, it’s a fact of life. To keep your doors open, it’s a fact of life.”

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