GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — This month, KREX 5 told you that an automated factory that designs and builds modular homes could soon be headed to Grand Junction.

House Bill 12-82, the innovative housing incentive program will help counties like Mesa, build thousands of high-quality, affordable, and attainable homes and the build site? It’s right here in Grand Junction.

It’s no surprise across the state, there is a lack of affordable housing, “We need more housing of course so people can afford to buy homes in Mesa County,” Governor Polis says.

Mosaic Housing aims to not only solve this problem but instill new technology into the industry with its latest facility, “The largest, fastest, indoor manufacturing facility in the united states and we plan on building it next to a community hospital in Grand Junction,” Ted Steers, Executive Vice President of Mosaic Housing says.

Governor Polis signed the innovative housing incentive program (hb22-1282) into law, which invests in building more high-quality, affordable, modular, and 3-d printed homes, “Something that specializes in multi-story buildings, between three and five stories,” Steers says, “We can build them fifty percent faster than any other process of building an apartment building.”

Pre-manufactured homes not only go up quicker but the cost is less, “Same or better quality, they are incredible and at about 20% lower cost than on-site construction,” Governor Polis says.

The new housing incentive now law, will add local workers to the payroll to create housing opportunities at 20% lower costs for on-site construction on the Western Slope and the deployment of modular homes to communities across the state, “Parts, labor all are more costly so this is a big Colorado solution and the state is helping build out this capacity, including partnering with mosaic in Grand Junction,” Governor Polis says.

Mosaic Housing based in Colorado, says they can shorten build schedules and reduce costs while building the modules.