Mom & Pop Business Owners Day: Mt. Garfield Greenhouse & Nursery

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It’s been said you can either work 40 hours a week for someone else or 80 hours a week for yourself, but here at Mt. Garfield Greenhouse & Nursery on Mom and Pop Business Owners Day it’s not work, it’s passion. Owner, Breann Fiihr says, “We fell in love with the people, and plants, and that’s how it all came about three years ago.”

The nursery has been around for three decades, but a new family has taken up the five acre greenhouse, and the growing value of the business benefits the local economy and your garden. “We’re planting in February. It’s grown in our soil, in our climate, and it’s ready to go outside when it’s ready to plant outside,” said Fiihr.

More than three times as much money per dollar spent goes back into the local economy versus big box stores according to a stats from Independent We Stand, but according to Breann, small business owners work for the employees. “We’ve got an expert in almost every area, and we just let them do what they do best,” Fiirh said. Candie Cruz-Burgess is one of the experts. Candie says, “Been a perennial grower for most of my life. Ten years in Illinois, 17 years over in Palisade, eleven years here.”

A mom and pop shop is another way of saying a family owned business. “We actually are a very close family here,” Cruz-Burgess said.

Just like tomato is another way of saying tomato, and what’s unique about this mom and pop shop is they’ll be growing up to 40,000 tomatoes this year, each one nurtured with the human touch. What’s even more amazing is this local family owned business serves as the roots to our local economy. Fiihr says, “We shop here, and we spend money here, and our kids go to school here. We do donations, and we do sponsorships, and we have our names on the backs of baseball shirts.”

For every $100 spent at a local business, $68 bucks stays in the economy, according to the Independent We Stand firm, but here at the nursery the human heart impacts the community more than the numbers. “I was off last year for my birthday for a couple of days, and when I came back this is what they built for me,” said Cruz-Burgess pointing to her own cottage she works in versus an umbrella at a table. Breann says, “You’re buying local, you’re planting local, and you’re enjoying local.”

Breann with mount Garfield Greenhouse & Nursery says if your green thumb is itching, and you want to get your hands in the dirt and plant something safely before the last average frost on May 4th; stick to cold weather veggies, and plant pansies and violas.

Some examples of the cold weather veggies include: kale, cabbage, broccoli, lettuces, potatoes, and much more! For more information click your green thumb here.

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