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It’s the most important day of the year, that’s right it’s Mother’s Day and time to show mom some appreciation.

Ashley Hoffarth says, “Trying to spend time with her throughout the day because once you start growing up, it’s really hard to do that.”

But, TripAdvisor says the easiest thing you can do for mom is take her out to brunch.

Traci Badger says, ” It’s a good way to start the day with your family and get some pampering.’ Samantha Guerrero says, “You don’t get stuck with the dishes and you don’t get stuck with planning the brunch and then having to do it. It’s a great way for mom to relax.” Jessica Alexander says, “I mean that’s what we did today. We came down and had brunch.” Angela Bryant says, “We already had it at home, I made it for my whole family. It was nice, I like to cook.”

I spoke with Grand Junction moms and they say the number one activity is spending time with family outdoors.

Badger says, “Being outside, with the weather permitting, which it is, it’s beautiful and being with family.” Katie Walker says, “Main Street is always fun because there are flowers everywhere, and they turn the fountains on, and you can see those.” Guerrero says, “It’s definitely a great place to get out and get some sun and you can either go to the lake or have a nice hike.” Alexander says, “I feel like Grand Junction has a lot to offer outside with their plants, and flowers, and things to walk around and see.”

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