Election day is just weeks away and Colorado will show the nation how to get it done. Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold says from a press conference on July 2021, “Access to mail ballots, early voting guaranteed, automatic voter registration, same day voter registration, a paper ballot.”

But, that was in July before Griswold ordered a criminal investigation into Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, replacing all Mesa County voting equipment in august on top of a ruling banning clerk Peters from supervising elections that’s caused calamity across the state including Montrose County. “There’s been a huge community outcry questioning the election results,” said Montrose Clerk and Recorder, Tressa Guynes.

The Montrose Elections office is rebuilding community trust with transparency and a lot of security. They’re holding Q and A sessions in public forums, conducting signature verification in a secured room, determining voter intent in another secured room among a team of bipartisan election judges while dozens of cameras watch the process, and at the center is the most secured room with the machine that counts each vote. Clerk Guynes says, “We believe in our Dominion equipment. We believe in our voting system. We follow all of the processes, and that’s the great thing about Colorado. We’ve been a mail ballot state since 2013. We’ve got this down. We’ve got great processes in place. We’ve got legislative action that has implemented laws, and implemented rules that we follow. We have bipartisan judges that we use. We have SCORE our statewide database.”

SCORE makes sure no one can vote twice and Montrose county makes sure there is zero human error. “The machine is always 100% accurate, and we have had time where the hand count is not always accurate,” said Guynes. “When we say the Colorado is the nation’s gold standard. It is literally, in the legislation being considered for every state across this country,” said Secretary of State Griswold in July 2021.