MONTROSE, Colo. (KREX) —Tanya Maddox, CEO of “Our Town Matters” organized this summit. She says locals are feeling optimistic about 2023.
Montrose Mayor Dave Frank gave a “short version” of the event’s state of the city address. Where he simply said it’s “excellent.” In the long version, he mentioned upward trends and positives in almost all sectors. One of a few things that need extra recovery is trash and recycling — with its 90-day reserve running low, rates may go higher.
Montrose County also gave a state of the county, where they mentioned that Montrose’s airport is outpacing even Grand Junction’s. the Greater Montrose area chamber of commerce, once in so much turmoil it dissolved now says it has even more members than it did before it disbanded. A massive amount of growth in a very short time.

the Conference concluded with an address from CMU economics professor Nathan Perry. He predicts a small recession through 2023 but sees positive trends in housing, travel, and even population growth. So even as the region braces for a short recession, it’s already planning for better days ahead.