Montrose Memorial Hospital is changing their name in order to tell a different story. CEO Jeff Mengenhausen says, “With the name change from Montrose Memorial Hospital to Montrose Regional Health is to focus on our entire region, and all of our communities.”

The name may have changed, the mission to provide high quality care hasn’t, but the need for that care has grown especially since a COVID surge maxed out hospital capacity since mid-October. “We’ve had to call in a lot of favors pushing patients to other communities, other hospitals, and we’ve been taking patients from other communities,” said Mengenhausen.

Mengenhausen says Montrose regional health has plenty of PPE and equipment, but most importantly, they have plenty of staffed beds, for now. “Just working through that huge surge we were at 110-120% capacity.”

COVID cases, flu cases, and patients not seeking preventative care contribute to the capacity calamity, but now, Montrose Regional Health has the solution for space with a seven year plan. Mengenhausen says, “Starting in February, we’re going to be looking at a campus revitalization master facility plan to look at our current campus, our current hospital, and design and help figure out where we need to grow, and how we need to grow to support our region.”

The plan takes place over the next 7 years, but necessity is speeding up the process. “We are adding probably 10-15 new physicians in the next 18 months. We’re starting new service lines. We’re adding new services to the community,” said Mengenhausen.