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Montrose Residents Voice Concerns Over Intersection Speeding

MONTROSE, Colo - In the heart of Montrose lies a 30-mile-per-hour road and intersection just down the street from Peak Virtual Academy.

"The sign right here is well-marked, and speeds well exceed that by 10 to 20 miles-per-hour sometimes", says Lisa Renee who lives near the busy intersection.

Residents that live near the intersection of North Park Avenue and North Fifth Street are concerned about public safety, for school children, pets, and regular pedestrians.

The road has become a popular short-cut due to its convenience compared to Main Street and Townsend Avenue.

"The taller trucks, they can't see the little ones. [One time] they darted out and it was a close call", says Renee.

The Montrose Police Department shares the same feelings on the matter, public safety is their number one priority.

"We have worked traffic down there as far as radar going where we can catch speeders in excess on both northbound and southbound", says Commander Gene Lillard for the Montrose Police Department.

"We've had them come out a few times and sit. They come for a few minutes at a time and drive off. People slow down for a little bit when they see the car, and as soon as they're gone, that's the end of that", says Renee.

The police department tells us that during their time patrolling the intersection, they've only written one citation and it wasn't related to speeding.

"There's been about 6 different occasions that we have run radar down in the specific area. We checked 30 cars in a 2-day period and we had one citation that was issued and that was non-related to speed", says Lillard.

"I'm just most concerned for the kids and the pets. With a couple of exceptions in this block, it is largely a residential area", says Renee.


Renee tells us she loves living in Montrose, she loves the city's community and says there's nowhere important enough that we should be in such a hurry.

Public safety is number one concerns between the concerned residents and the Montrose Police Department.

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