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Montrose to Limit Underage Vape Use

MONTROSE, Colo. - A noticeable change is coming to the city of Montrose in an effort to help stop young kids from vaping or from others disrupting public places with clouds of smoke. 
“You have no smoking in restaurants but the person next to you could sit there and vape and it just didn’t make sense,” says Judy Ann Files, of the Montrose City Council. 
So Montrose City Council passed two changes to their ordinances including prohibiting the use of personal vaporizers in public places.  Any underage possession of tobacco and cannabis-related products used in vape devices will also be banned was the second change.
These changes take effect on March 1, 2019.  
“Our resource officers needed to be able to have something they could enforce...we changed our ordinances to mean that kids can’t have those (vaporizers),” says Files. 
If a minor is caught with tobacco products meant for vaping, or if you are vaping in a public building and are caught you could face up to a $200.00 fine or up to 20 hours of public service. 

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