MONTROSE, Colo. – As COVID-19 activity rises in the area, the Walmart SuperCenter in Montrose is temporarily closing to the public.

In a statement on social media on Tuesday, officials announced the store will remain closed until Thursday morning “for additional cleaning, sanitizing, and stocking”.

Curbside pharmacy service will remain open during normal hours while the store is closed.

The store closed its doors at 2 pm Tuesday to begin the cleaning and restocking process. When reached for comment, store management confirmed the building’s temporary closure but could not comment on the reasoning or if it was a corporate decision.

KREX reached out to Walmart Media Relations and received the following statement: “Without going into specifics, we have a team at the Home Office that evaluates criteria related to stores and the communities we serve. When that data reaches certain thresholds, we make the decision to get ahead of the situation and proactively close the store for cleaning and sanitizing. We plan to reopen tomorrow at 6 a.m.”

“COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in our area, COVID-19 hospitalizations are at an all-time high”, said Montrose County Public Health Medical Advisor Dr. Joseph Adragna in a press release from November 5. According to the COVID-19 dial dashboard, Montrose County has a one-week average positivity rate of 14.3%. While there have been over 600 confirmed positives over the last week, the county has six days of declining or stable hospitalizations. Currently, there are no public health orders in place for Montrose County.

KREX will continue to update you as more details come available.

This story was updated to reflect the statement provided by Walmart Media Relations.