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More Broadband Could be Coming to Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - The Grand Junction City Council voted to take the next step towards acquiring more broadband for the citizens of Grand Junction.

Nokia and Sifi Networks were selected by the City of Grand Junction to undertake a demand survey of the community, to learn if Grand Junction should take further steps towards establishing a fiber optic network. Officials said this possible increase in broadband would not only benefit the residents of Grand Junction, but area businesses, including residents who work from home.

Mayor Phyllis Norris said citizens taking part in the upcoming survey will truly help in the decision making process. She also explained, from the help of this survey, "we are going to find out...what is the tolerance for [the broadband]? Do people still want it? How much are they willing to pay? Because that's really the basis of looking at the financial side of it."

This independent study will be held over the next 6 weeks and Mayor Norris urges citizens to fill out the survey, as this will move the city forward to the next step of obtaining more broadband, by holding community meetings. She also mentioned, knowing there will be some more competition in the area, this will also help decrease broadband prices for the city.

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