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The Grand Junction community has identified a greater need for more pickleball courts, and for those who don’t know what pickleball is, it might be time to find out. Director of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation, Ken Sherbenou says, “Pickleball is definitely one of the most rapidly increasing sports in participation in the public recreation world.”

The paddelball sport combines badminton, table tennis, and tennis with two to four players, and it’s all part of the city’s plan. “We just adopted a new parks, and recreation open space master plan January of 2021,” said Sherbenou.

Over 3,000 people were involved in the PROS Master Plan, but it takes a community to decide on the pickleball plan. Sherbenou says, “We’d convert the four tennis courts we have here at Lincoln Park to 8-12 pickleball courts.”

But, if it happens tennis isn’t going anywhere. “This plan that we’re putting forth as part of the 2022 budget that we’re proposing to city council would build four new tennis courts at Canyon View. So, total project cost between the Canyon View phase and the Lincoln Park we’re estimating about $1.6 million,” said Sherbenou.

There will be up to 16 tennis courts, and up to 20 pickleball courts, but it takes money that won’t be made until next year. “The majority of the lion’s share of the dollars for that 1.6 million is coming from that new marijuana revenue that we are anticipating in 2022,” said Sherbenou.

The first phase of the project would use new technology from new marijuana taxes to light up the remaining 12 tennis courts at Canyon View. Sherbenou says, “It’s our first expenditure of this new funding source for the benefit of the community.”

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