Morning Weather Forecast with Megan Montgomery 1/8/20

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TODAY: It is day three of more freezing fog and this time it is producing what looks like snow. In a fog event, water droplets are suspended in the air. During a freezing fog event, those water droplets freeze in below freezing temperatures and turn into ice when they encounter a surface like tree branches or blades of grass. Sometimes when there is dust in the air during a freezing fog event, the water droplets can actually grab on to the dust particles and form what look like snow and ice crystals and fall to the ground. Freezing fog will move out the Grand Valley by mid morning, while the rest of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah will just look at partly cloudy skies. Our temperatures this morning will start in the single digits and teens. By the middle of this afternoon, our temperatures will be in the 30s with partly cloudy skies.

TONIGHT: Temperatures will drop into the 20s with mostly cloudy skies.

EXTENDED FORECAST: A storm system will approach the area overnight Wednesday into Thursday and will bring chances of snow as of Thursday through the beginning of next week.

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