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Mother Shares Memories of Deceased Daughter

Hotchkiss, CO - To lose a son or daughter is a fear every parent shares and it can be difficult to hold on to good memories during a time of loss.


"Maddie was always known as a free spirit, that's one of the quotes most of the tributes say, along with how kind and sensitive. She was very, very sensitive. If someone else was hurting, she was hurting. She would pick up on things. She was very intuitive and supportive, too. She was my girl", says Helen Loh, the mother of Madelaine Loh.
Before things took a tragic turn for 27-year-old Madelaine Loh, she moved to Hotchkiss Colorado in pursuit of her passion.
"She went out there with the sole intention to work in the medical marijuana field, and she luckily got that job quite quickly within a few weeks of her being there and was just really thriving there. She was doing what she wanted to do", says Helen Loh.
She was making plans to transition from the small town of Hotchkiss to larger city, and her next career milestone.
"Her resume was out there. She was looking at places like Portland and even possibly back here in Florida where she's been living temporarily between, sort of, New Jersey and going out there", says Helen Loh.
Helen tells us she's happy to have seen her daughter one last time from a vacation they took earlier in June.
"When I flew from New Jersey, we went to Red Rocks together along with her best friend, friends of mine. It was a great, unfortunately, last memory, but amazing", says Helen Loh.
Helen tells KREX 5 News that despite knowing she'll never see her daughter again, the amount of support the family received from around the world has been nothing short of amazing. She hopes no family will have to go through the pain theirs went through.

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