Mothers Against Bullying Encourages Parents To Speak Out

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A group of mothers from around the Grand Valley came together Saturday afternoon to talk about a week of tragedy that includes a mass shooting at a school in Florida and a Grand Junction High School student who was arrested for similar threats. 

Christina Critchfield is demanding actions from officials she said, “It needs to be taken more seriously with our law enforcement.”

She is one of the many members of the Mesa County Mothers Against Bullying who is calling all parents to  join her to speak about what can be done to address bullying. 

“If we don’t do this nothing’s going to change here.”

One of the many things she says she would like to see is an increase in school security –“We’re having a lot more assaults. It’s not just bullying, it’s leading to attacks and assaults.”

April, a mother of a victim of bullying says the app Safe2Tell has not acted accordingly when reporting such incidents. 

She said, “Nothing’s come of. As children that I have seen use it feel ‘Is there really being anything done.'”

The acts of violence have become so common, they’re children are not taking them seriously. 

Critchfield said, “My daughter came to me and said ‘Well, that’s all around Snapchat, they don’t really mean it. It’s just a threat, it’s an everyday thing. People talk about this stuff all the time.”

And because of this she’s encouraging other parents to teach their children about coming forward and to take some action. 

For more information on Mesa County Mothers Against Bullying you can visit their Facebook page

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