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Museum Adds New 1930's Postal Exhibit

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Those with the Museums of the West are working on a new exhibit that will be sure to take you back in time.

Museum employees are hard at work rebuilding the original Placerville post office from the 1930's.

Three times a year, their entire staff from Dinosaur Journey, Cross Orchards, and the Museum of the West get together for what they call a work day.

Since the project requires a lot of effort, they decided to get everyone together to help install it.

Those with the museum said not only will the exhibit be great for people to see what the original post office looked like, but there's also much more history behind it.

"It was one of the first roles when a woman was in charge of running the postal service as postmistress in their particular area," said David Bailey, Curator of History at the Museums of Western Colorado.

They said the post office will complete the town they've been working on at the museum. It will be right next to an opera house, school house, and saloon from the same era.

The display will also be used for educational purposes, as kids visiting will also be able to mail letters to the past.

The new exhibit is expected to be open by next month.

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