Need to return a holiday gift? Retailers make returning safe amid pandemic

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Local businesses made buying holiday gifts, not only easy, but safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gregg Palmer, owner of Brown’s Shoe Fit Company, says, “we do the things the health department says we should do, and then, we go one step beyond.”

The National Retail Federation estimated Americans will spend over $700 billion in holiday sales, and added the majority of spending would be done online. But, now that the holiday festivities are over, returning a shirt too small or shoes too big is the next task. The National Retail Federation also estimates about 10% of all gifts will go back on the shelves.

Locally, Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. is maintaining all COVID safety measures while customers are making returns these next few weeks. Palmer says, “we go out of our way to go above and beyond what the health requirements are. Our shoes are thoroughly cleaned and set aside for a week. Unless they have been worn; then, it goes back to the manufacturer.”

However, some customers prefer not wearing a mask, even though face coverings are one of the COVID safety requirements. Jesus Guerrero, a local holiday shopper, says,”I hate wearing a mask. It’s hard to breathe.”

Therefore, several business are introducing a new method for returning presents. Retailers, such as Best Buy, are utilizing curbside parking for returns. Customers are advised to park, call, and read their receipt to an employee in order to make a return without coming into contact with anyone, and to this addition, Guerrero says, “It’s a good idea. You don’t have to mask up, and you don’t have to go in and be around other people.”

Plus, for online returns, many businesses will pay for the return label, so it’s not only easy and COVID-friendly, but free!

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