Neighbors of Montrose Couple Killed in Texas Speak Out

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MONTROSE, Colo- A next door neighbor of a Montrose couple killed in El Paso, Texas allegedly by their own son, Benjamin Duncan, says the community is in shock.

“They just seemed like “Class A” people. Just down to earth as can be. They’ll be sorely missed,” said Gary Gray, longtime neighbor of Richard and Julie Duncan who were killed in El Paso on Thursday.

Gary Gray says he and his wife have known Richard and Julie Duncan for over 7 years. Gray says he met the Duncans when he and his wife moved next door to them 7 years ago. Gray says he would often play golf with Richard. Richard or “Rick” as he is known in the neighborhood was also a veteran of the Marines.

“Rick was in the Marines, and his son (Benjamin) was in the marines,” Gray said. “He was very proud of that. He would display a flag on his house on Veterans Day.”

Other neighbors who declined to go on camera say Rick and Julie spoke openly about their efforts to help their son Benjamin who they say suffers from PTSD. These neighbors also say Benjamin had been in combat while in the marines, and that he was struggling after his time in the service.

For Gary Gray, he says the neighborhood won’t be the same.

“They were just wonderful and they came to parties. They had interesting backgrounds,” Gray said. “I’ll always look at the house over here from my kitchen window and think of them.”

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