New Bill Introduced to Allow Restaurant Alcohol Take Out and Delivery Indefinitely

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — For Kannah Creek Brewing Company, the executive order allowing alcohol take out and delivery last year was helpful but not necessarily a lifeline.

“If we’re still under lockdown rules, I would anticipate having some extra sales to go would help us. We haven’t seen that necessarily as a huge impact on our revenues, but it’s always good to have as an option,” says Jim Jeffryes, one of the owners of Kannah Creek.

Jeffryes says an extension of the law could be a good thing, but only if the pandemic persists. “I approve of continuing it as long as Covid keeps impacting us, but after that I think we should go back to normal business operations,” says Jeffryes. He explains this is because a large part of the appeal of a business like his, is experiencing the food and drinks in person. “And if they can just pull up and take a drink to go, then they don’t come in and experience what we’re offering,” says Jeffryes.

But Sonia Riggs, the President and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association says more than 90 percent of restaurant owners they surveyed benefitted from being able to sell cocktail take-outs.

“It’s something that’s not only good for restaurants, but the public likes it too. When we did a public poll, 85 percent of Coloradans over the age of 21 said they were in favor of restaurants doing take out and delivery of alcohol.” Riggs believes after a difficult year the restaurant industry suffered, any bit of potential for increased revenue can only help. “Economists are telling us by in large it’s going to take three to five years for restaurants to recover. So seeing something extended to a longer term is really a good thing to help this industry recover,” she says.

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