GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Students at Grand Valley Middle School in Parachute were ready to go to school on March 3rd, just like any other day. Instead, they witnessed an awful tragedy, a schoolmate who fell beneath the wheel of the bus.

Her parents will never forget that unexpected knock on their front door. Leandra Backner, Anna’s mom, says, “the sheriff came back to the back door because it was still unlocked. We always left it unlocked because these bus drivers had a tendency of being late and that way she needed to come back for a ride she could.”

That’s when law enforcement told them the gut-punching news that their daughter had died. The school texted parents, including the Backner’s, earlier that day saying there had been a bus accident, but no further details.

To help heal the wounds and prevent future tragedies, lawmakers introduced a bill called “Anna’s Law” soon after. Don Coram, Colorado Senator, says “how much longer do we wait. If this is not a priority, what is?”

Senator Don Coram is co-sponsoring the bill after hearing about an accident, similar to Anna’s story in his own district. In that accident, the driver had no way to reach help. Coram also says, “had no communication, no cell service, no radio communication, so we started working on that.”

The new bill would make sweeping changes for school bus safety, including equipping buses with technology that allows school districts to track drivers and their behavior.

Leandra Backner, Anna’s mom also says, “as soon as I learned about this and watched some of  the videos and saw some of  the statistics, this is what I want to get behind and I hope and pray that anybody else who  has a child in their life, which everyone does in some way shape or form can get behind that.”

Coram added, “school safety has always been very important to me. The school bus is the softest target out there that we have.”

Senate bill 85, the Colorado Safe Student Protection Program would also include funding for an app that would work similar to Uber and Lyft, giving parents the ability to find out where the bus is on its route.

Senator Coram expects a vote on the bill sometime between now and May 11th. As for her mother, “Annaliese was definitely one of a kind and very special as every parent feels about their child because all children are special and important.”

She hopes no more children fall victim to a preventable accident like Annaliese and no parent has to feel the kind of pain she and her husband are still struggling against.