New Citizens

Local News

They came from across the globe to become Americans.

Erika Torrejon from Peru says, “I feel very honored. I came to live here over four years ago and realized this country has a lot to offer. I just fell in love with the people.” James White from South Africa says, “It’s just been a really long road but this place is great and I’m just really priveleged to be here and be able to stay, actually.”

The ability to stay in this country legally, was perhaps the biggest reason all of these new Americans are so happy. Now, these people say they just want to get on with their lives and become productive U.S. citizens.

Daniela Lopez from Colombia says, “I’ve been able to finish college, and now I have a good job, and I can officially be a U.S. citizen.”

And, these new americans are eager to practice their new right to vote.

Torrejon says, “I’m excited to get more involved and see what’s going on with the elections because before I didn’t really pay too much attention because I couldn’t vote.”

This is the most culturally diverse naturalization ceremony Grand Junction has ever experienced with 19 people from 15 different countries. 

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