New Colorado webinar series will help veterans navigate Alzheimer’s and its new medication

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Aduhelm is the latest drug that may help slow the course of Alzheimer’s. The FDA approved the new medication on Monday, in spite of clinical tests yielding conflicting results.

After seeing the affect Alzheimer’s has on his family, veteran and mental health therapist Michael Scotto supports the drug’s release, “It takes a massive toll on the family members and the caretakers, and so if it can be delayed or even alleviated to some extent, I think that’s a very good process,” says Scotto.

Jim Herlihy with the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association believes this is good news as well, “As they have pointed out on the other side, it is not a cure. but then again, we’ve gone 115 years without a cure, but we’ve also gone 115 years without a treatment or anything that can help people living with this disease slow the progress of it,” explains Herlihy.

The VA estimates more than 750,000 older veterans in America have Dementia, and face additional chances to increase their risk of developing it. While this news may raise questions about the disease for veterans and their loved ones, the Colorado Alzheimer’s Association says help is on the way. They will be hosting a  five-part webinar series that helps veterans and caretakers navigate Alzheimer’s complexities, “The real purpose behind the webinar is to get people information so they can make informed choices,” continues Herlihy.

The free program will cover Alzheimer’s information, along with coping mechanisms and financial preparation.

“Any type of a program that allows veterans to receive care and funding, to be able to take care of themselves and maybe take some type of preemptive action is definitely a good thing in my opinion,” continues Scotty.

With the release of Aduhelm, resources like this webinar are important for keeping an open forum about Alzheimer’s and those affected by it.

To register for the webinar, you can register online at or call the Alzheimer’s Association’s 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900.

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