GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Among several new businesses opening up in town, including the clothing store Burlington in just a few days, is Colorado Weedery’s Grand Junction store, which opened today.

For owner Jesse Loughman, this is his third building in operation.

So, what makes this debut special?

Jesse’s is just the second dispensary to open in Grand Junction, the first was Lucky Me. The city drew ten winners from a recent dispensary-license-lotto…and the process is challenging.

He tells me regulations continue to change in the industry, primarily because of how new the legalization of it is.

One of the new regulations is a bit different than what Jesse is used to…he tells me each night; he and his crew must lock up each product in a safe.

This requirement to store every last product away does have some benefits, like reducing the chance of crime and robbery.

Jesse tells me his store is guarded by upwards of 75,000 dollars’ worth of security measures, from cameras, safes, locks and more.

So far, Jesse is happy with the turnout. We’ll see soon enough just how well cannabis manages to set the local economy…ablaze.