New Makerspace Garage At Chatfield Elementary

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In what is called “The Garage” at Chatfield Elementary School, first through fifth graders have the opportunity to be challenged, all while being creative.

Each grade level has a small group of students that go to the garage for an hour a day. Since the groups are kept small, every 8 days a new group of students will have the opportunity to be challenged in the garage.

The challenges are things such as building a boat that will float with toy dinosaurs on top, or creating a spider web that will catch objects that are thrown into it. Along with those challenges, the students also have the opportunity to take electronics apart and learn about what’s inside them and how they work.

“We took apart printers and TV’s and typewriters. The printer has a bunch of engine things in there. there was a bunch of ink in there and a bunch of different colors in each spot,” said one of the students. 

Currently, the students are creating a superhero on paper along with a comic.

The students then get to build their superhero out of all the parts they have from taking things apart.

Makerspaces are a growing trend in D51 schools and schools nationwide.

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